Frequently Asked Questions

Open Broadband Fixed Wireless Internet provides qualified households and small businesses with high-speed Internet service via an outdoor antenna and indoor Wi-Fi Gateway router. Our Fixed Wireless solutions utilize several different technologies to ensure the highest speed, reliability, and quality of service for our customers.

Open Broadband Fixed Wireless Internet will provide speeds of at least 25Mbps for downloading and at least 5Mbps for uploading. However, data speeds can vary depending upon various factors:

  • Wi-Fi isn’t as fast as a wired connection. You get the best Wi-Fi signal closest to your gateway without obstructions. Use a wired (Ethernet) connection for the best results.
  • Devices have a maximum Internet speed they can reach, and might not be as fast as your possible Internet service level (especially older devices).
  • Multiple devices sharing your Internet connection at the same time, whether wired or Wi-Fi, can reduce your Internet speed.
  • Technology used to service your location.
  • Distance from nearest servicing tower.

Check to see if we are servicing your county or town then submit a service request form or call (919)¬†205-5506. One of our engineers will do a pre-check on your address and if you’re in a serviceable area they will schedule an appointment to determine which packages you qualify for.

Yes, you can connect multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets to the Open Broadband Fixed Wireless Internet Wi-Fi Gateway, and up to 3 Ethernet-connected devices. Though we do offer a WiFi Gateway with our service you have the option to configure and use a WiFi gateway you provide so long as it is compatible with standard ethernet networking.

The Open Broadband Fixed Wireless Internet Wi-Fi Gateway router enables wireless networking capabilities throughout your home or business and helps to minimize wireless dead spots. This smart technology allows you to:

  • Provide high-speed Internet connections to multiple devices
  • Create safe and secure wireless networking

Open Broadband Fixed Wireless Internet relies on several different technologies to reach customer sites. Many things can affect the availability and quality of your Service, including network capacity, terrain, buildings, foliage, and weather. A professional installer will confirm sufficient signal strength at your location before installation.

Open Broadband prides itself on offering¬†local North Carolina¬†24×7 customer support via our call center located in Wilson, North Carolina.

Services like Web hosting or hosted services such as camera, gaming server, peer-to-peer, etc., that require static IP address are generally not supported by Open Broadband Fixed Wireless Internet. Open Broadband Fixed Wireless Internet may not be compatible with DVR/Satellite systems; please check with your provider. Static IP addresses are available on a case-by-case basis.